unexpected happens!

writen by: Namira Yasqi
hello guysss what r u doin in this time? haahha hmhm btw i wanna tell you something nih. its about what i did this day.
firstly, i goes to sency with adella. yes just we both by the way adella wants to met her friend, named IA! ahahah and then yeah we thought IA was leaving from sency, but he wasn't. he was still at sency with his friendsss.
and, FINALLY! when i and adella bought something from Mr.Puff and ground floor, we met IA and his friends! GOD i was so nervous haha and adella too! hm when we looked each others, we didn't known each others but i sure it is IA! but yeaaah, adella didn't believe me.
and then, we goes to fifth floor we ate at foodcourt and we ate kfc haha. after we finished our foods, IA was called Adella for met him at billiard cafe or we can said the place for shisa-ing haha. Adella was screamed because the first time she in a called with IA! wkwkw and then we goes to ground floor. WE MET IA!!!!!!!! wowww what a good moments so farrrr hahaha and then we talked, laughed and much more, i thought his friends was arrogant or something like that, but they were not as bad as i thougt haha good then, and.......... it's time for go home!

just that hahaha this story was so longgg but i make it shorter hahaha byeee fells


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