People Should Know.

writen by: Namira Yasqi

by the fact, we hate when someone judged us by our past, what we looks like on the outside, and etc, but sometimes, we judge people exactly the same how they judge us, rite? there are so many explanations to the question of “why” and I right now i’ll share with my point of view from my own experiences.
why? because we never tried to know em by personally, thats why we ‘judge’ and thats why understanding and misscommunication often occurs around us. 
Sometimes I wanna scream to their each faces to say that “I’m not like what he/she says about me” but we never knew if they don’t like us and judge us if they covered it with their two-poker-faces rite? haha what a shame..
Society nowadays are such a cruel places. They judge us by our looks, by what we have in our hands such as gadgets, what kind of brands are we wearing, how many people do we know, and mostly who we are in our own circles or society.
I’m talking this because I’m that kinda person who likes being whatever I am without even have to change my own personality so I can be like 'those people's'. 
People Should Know that once you try to fit in, and force ourselves to become someone like “em”, it’s just a waste of time, you only live once, make it ‘REAL’ and ‘SPECIAL’ in our own way.. Don’t make our generation become worse everyday just because people bring you down, make a shame of you because you were different and force to try to fit in. We are leader to ourselves, make a positive path starts from yourself, don’t you wanna be a ‘Trendsetter’? or just be tons of ‘followers’?
Let em judge us, let em talk behind our backs, let em bring us down, let em hate us, all we have to do are keep our chin up, make it an improvement to ourselves, and mostly… Smile. Just remember that everyone has their own weakness and ability, we are never be perfect, and we will never be. But always make lots of new day with positive thinking and you know there are so many people who loves us because they accept us the way we are. 
btw pardon my english language, readers :D:P
I’m talking like this because i just wanna share what i think people nowadays should know and not become a character assassination to every of us. thank u !!


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