parent's thought about us.

writen by: Namira Yasqi
as based on the titled above.... i'm gonna tell you guys about that. from the point of my seeing about them, about what they THINK, what they WANTED, and the last but not least.. WHAT THEY REALLY EXPECTED from us.

...................for sure, they (parents) always think that we're never gonna get enough to the poin of their expected us to be. they wanted us to be like another child (who's exactly have the higher talents than us) but the fact is.. we CANNOT! just like the titled of Ke$ha song's "WE R WHO WE R" and you.. my parents, or for every parents who have a child like me, UNDERSTAND US PLEASE! this is me, this is my life, you brought me to be like this, and of course.. "MY ATTITUDE IS BASED ON HOW YOU TREATED ME, so far".
i'm writing this, not because merely i wanted to throw mud about being P-A-R-E-N-T's. no, NOT! i just think that you guys should be more understand about me, my time of period being like this (as a teenager's). and i really wanted you guys just let me have a quality time for me and my friends, and i will sincerely willing my time to be with you guys as much as you want me to. and what i really EXPECTED from you guys is.........let me have my time everytime you guys asked me to be like what you wanted, i need an adaption. I NEED A TIME.

you know guys, we're the same like you, and we're HOW YOU USED TO BE. don't ya let us to feel what we REALLY SHOULD feel at the period like this? and now? and please, don't make the exactly same way you guys used to be to us for now, the era of you guys and the era of us are changing already, 180 degree.
i can protect of my association, i can choose who are the exactly wrong or right. and i still love being me, i even don't want to plunge myself into the 'thing' goes wrong. BOLD THAT.

so please guys, my parents.... understand me. :( i love you all
-by: all teenagers


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