writen by: Namira Yasqi
Have you ever imagine how it feels when…
- You go to the mall with family and you’re the one distancing from them because you being estrange?
- You live in the exact same roof with your family but doesn’t feel like home?
- You go back to ur house just to see ur room cause no one in the house seems happy to have you around?
- You miss having family that u love so much but you can’t have it anymore?
- You tried so many times and so hard to change in order to be the mature one cause you’re the only daughter in the house but you turned out to screw anything and being the one who always to be blamed of.
- You always looking for a friend to lay on, and wanted to cry with them and share to them how miserable you feel about family but you just too shy to admit it?
- You walked out from the door and pretend that all the pain you’ve been through inside of ur house will be gone eventually? But the ttruth is, its never really go. The pain stays with you
- You lost ur passion to cry all over the sadness because you tired of crying?
- You put a big.. big smile to everyone just to make sure no one notices that you’re not the broken little girl who’s seeking for… love? Affection? Attention? :“)
I pray to Allah SWT that one day when I have the chance to have a family, I don’t want my future kids to feel what I feel. I wanna give them the pure happiness that you don’t have to force to be happy, that is the happiness of being loved and loving family you ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will. No one leaves each other, but will always stick together no matter what.

And the answer is yes. I do feel it, I have felt it, I did feel it, and I still. 

(I just found out this post about a 2 years ago on my Tumblr page, and... decided to re-post this on my blog). 
Fyi, it brings back a whole lot of memories back then, and realized that moment, all of them made me stronger, made me who I am today. Maybe 2 years ago I feel broken and miserable, but today, I feel thankful of it, that experience of mine really teach me a lesson in a positive ways :) I know it only take times to recover from your sadness, you just need to be patient, and here's an ENFP quotes that made me get really through days by days..


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