writen by: Namira Yasqi
When I was trying so hard to be the new version of myself, I got so lost on the track. Until I finally realised that the main reason to be a better version of ourselves is not merely about 'Yourself', instead of finding the real definition 'Living' and how much we do in life that will impact a positive things for the welfare of others.

And at first, we will see things in life differently.
We will be more careful about what we will going to show to others. Because you realised that not every people in this earth is truly care about the things you're about to allowed them to see.
We will be more watchful about what you're going to share to others. Because you realised that the people who's worth to be trusted of is someone who knows the REAL you, and still accept you the way you are and has no tendency to betray you (at least, your intuition told you so).

Every person on this earth, has it's own time to realise those things. It takes time, and no one has the right to judge it.

Just remember one thing,
"Good things, takes time".


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